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Wedding services

We are always seeking to provide our couples with the best service and pricing so we are regularly updating our weddings packages. We do everything we can to give you the most bang for your buck because, for us, it all comes down to making you happy and capturing that special day. Prices and services are negotiable. If you’d like to take off a few features and add a few others, we’re happy to do whatever we can to suit your needs. Check out the options below to learn more :)

Questions? Feel free to reach out. Don’t worry – we're not pushy salesmen, we're here to make the most out of your day. 


Since the proposal is the first step towards a long and happy life together, we want you to remember it well. From elaborate flash mobs to gentle picnic proposals, we’re here to help you document it all. Contact us with your specific idea and we can help make your dream a reality.

Wedding Videography

We’re a group of smiling and happy filmmakers that simply love making wedding films. With top of the line drones, camera equipment and stabilizers, we would be honored to help document your special day. Check out our different packages below!


Wedding Photography

Although videography is our speciality, we still know our way around a camera. With years of experience in the wedding industry, we can definitely capture your special moments throughout the day.

Hotel Videos

You want people to come to your hotel and our job is to help you get there. We want to tell your story. Whether you are an action sports oriented hotel or simply wanting to provide a refuge of relaxation for your guests, we can provide you the appropriate video for your hotel culture. The benefits of having a video for your website are immense. We’ve seen an immediate increase in bookings for the hotels we’ve filmed for after our videos have been posted to their website. Learn more about our work and the impact here…

who Else do we work with?


Our job is to help you. Whether your target market is the classy and refined or the reckless and adventurous type, we can match whatever style you’re looking for. We’ve provided content for Morgan Stanley, Thomas James LA, Cayo Eyewear and a variety of startups looking to take the next steps in their marketing effort.


Everybody eats so why not take the extra step to draw people to eat with you? Marketing is more important now than ever and a video for your website, Instagram or Facebook can go a long way. We can either focus on your entire restaurant or a specific dish to really get those mouths drooling and calling for reservations.

Outdoor Adventure Companies

With a film crew of surfers, climbers, mountaineers, and bikers, the idea of Castlehouse Videography first began in the outdoors. We’ve filmed for U.S. State Parks, the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative, ice climbing parks, outdoor education organizations, and many more outdoor adventure focused companies. If you’re looking to document an outdoor adventure, we’re Wilderness First Responders, avalanche level 1 certified, Swift Water Rescue certified, among others. You can guarantee that we’re the team for the job. Surf lessons, fishing trips, ATV tours, summit expeditions, and skiing promotional videos are just a few examples of what we’ve done in the past but if you want us to film outdoors, chances are we’ll take you up on it.

who’s in charge here?

Roo Smith

Filmmaker / Cinematographer / Editor

Roo is a content creator currently based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado but has lived and traveled all around the world. He was raised attending schools in the Pacific Northwest, Costa Rica, Morocco, Wales and Colorado and has been lucky enough to produce films in all of those places. He's an avid surfer, musician, dancer and outdoorsman but his real passion lies behind the camera. 

Roo began his film career as the star of childhood home videos but quickly learned that he wanted to tell stories of his own. What began as a hobby that produced low-quality surf videos, Roo has now developed his passion into a business that has taken him around the world shooting for hotels, financial companies and NGOs. Always seeking to make every video his proudest work, he simply wants what's best for the client and will go above and beyond to satisfy your request. 

Having worked alongside a number of wedding companies, video production offices, and freelance creatives, Roo's been fortunate enough to learn from the very best around the world and wants to utilize his skills to help you. With a variety of freelance contractors that he works with, if your project demands a team, Roo’s got one ready.

Feel free to contact him with any questions or requests! You can usually expect a response within 24 hours.

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Our job at Castlehouse Videography is to make sure you get everything you hope for. We are here for you, so in order for us to get started please fill out the form below and introduce yourself. Our entire business model is about interacting with you and making sure you're happy. If you're happy, we're happy.

If you're looking towards Castlehouse Videography for any of your needs, we will set up a time to discuss your wedding day, your business or your passion whether over the phone or in person. We usually respond in 24 hours so we can get started as soon as possible!


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