Who’s In Charge Here?

Roo Smith

Filmmaker / Cinematographer / Editor

Roo is a content creator currently based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado but has lived and traveled all around the world. He was raised attending schools in the Pacific Northwest, Costa Rica, Morocco, Wales and Colorado and has been lucky enough to produce films in all of those places. He's an avid surfer, musician, dancer and outdoorsman but his real passion lies behind the camera. 

Roo began his film career as the star of childhood home videos but quickly learned that he wanted to tell stories of his own. What began as a hobby that produced low-quality surf videos, Roo has now developed his passion into a business that has taken him around the world shooting for hotels, financial companies and NGOs. Always seeking to make every video his proudest work, he simply wants what's best for the happy couple and will go above and beyond to satisfy your request. 

Having worked alongside a number of wedding companies, video production offices, and freelance creatives, Roo's been fortunate enough to learn from the very best around the world and wants to utilize his skills to help make the best wedding video for you to cherish forever.

With a variety of freelance contractors that he works with, if your project demands a team, Roo’s got one ready.

Feel free to contact him with any questions or requests!