Our job is to help you. Whether your target market is the classy and refined or the reckless and adventurous type, we can match whatever style you’re looking for. We’ve provided content for Morgan Stanley, Thomas James LA, Cayo Eyewear and a variety of startups looking to take the next steps in their marketing effort.


Everybody eats so why not take the extra step to draw people to eat with you? Marketing is more important now than ever and a video for your website, Instagram or Facebook can go a long way. We can either focus on your entire restaurant or a specific dish to really get those mouths drooling and calling for reservations.

Outdoor Adventure

With a film crew of surfers, climbers, mountaineers, and bikers, so the idea of Castlehouse Videography first began in the outdoors. We’ve filmed for U.S. State Parks, the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative, ice climbing parks, outdoor education organizations, and many more outdoor adventure focused companies. If you’re looking to document an outdoor adventure, we’re Wilderness First Responders, avalanche level 1 certified, Swift Water Rescue certified, among others. You can guarantee that we’re the team for the job. Surf lessons, fishing trips, ATV tours, summit expeditions, and skiing promotional videos are just a few examples of what we’ve done in the past but if you want us to film outdoors, chances are we’ll take you up on it.