Roo is a passionate, multi-talented, filmmaker and photographer based in Denver, Colorado. He has produced films above 14,000ft in Colorado, filmed among indigenous communities in Peru and Ecuador, directed videos with professional surfers in Costa Rica and has received notable recognition in his hometown of Orcas Island in Washington State for his work telling stories in the outdoor space.

He is currently spending one month in Santiago, Chile with a Chilean-based trail running team, Mountain Running Co, and documenting their efforts to inspire outdoor adventure in their community.

Roo is a wilderness first responder, swift-water rescue certified, avalanche level 1 trained, a stand up paddle-board instructor and a former lifeguard. Somehow, at only 22 years old, his resume reads like worn pages of an adventure novel. With all of his experiences and camera expertise, he plans to continue sharing the stories of the people and companies who bring him hope, joy and adventure.

Past Clients